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This project was brewing for a couple years, and it finally pushed to the forefront by my kids who were asking, "When can we have our own Teletypes?" and a friend who was saying, "Get on with it!" 

The objective was to create a fully functioning computer system that merged old and new computing technology, making sure that it . . .

Teletypes are facinating machines, because they are physical, with heft, sounds, smells and touch.  The clicking and clacking, the bells, and the carriage swinging back to its return spot is, all facinating to watch when everything is oiled and working properly.

Data Terminals

We had a few Teletype machines lying around the house, so I had to first decide which machines to use for this project.  They also had to be of the same type, so the kids would not fight over who got a better machine . . . 

Here is a set of two Teletype matching Model 35 KSR's lying around.  The kids like using punched paper tape, and these Model 35 machines don't have a paper tape punch or reader.  So these won't work.  Wonder what the history of the OCTOPUS machine is? 

Here are two excellent Teletype Model 35 ASR's from California.  They have the necessary tape punch and readers, but they are heavy machines, and are difficult to move up and down stairs.

Then we had these two Teletype Model 33 ASR's sitting under the stairs.  The Model 33 was the little brother to the larger, more reliable, Model 35's.  The 33's are relatively small, have the needed paper tape punch and reader, and so are perfect for this project.

They have been sitting around for a while, and were looking a bit tatty, so each will have to be restored inside and out ! ! !

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