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System In Use

With Brian pushing me, we made an attempt to get everything running together on the following Sunday . . .

This was the second Teletype, and after sitting for a year after it's restoration, it was having issues.  It was not printing the numbers or symbols right.   1 2 3 was printing as A B C, in addition to A B C printing as A B C.  I could not find anything wrong, and after pushing many keys, I happened to push the 'Here Is' key, and viola, everything started working.  I think I might have rotated the 'Here Is' pin drum off of it's zero setting, and this was likely our problem.

Now with it working nicely, Brian helped button it up.

I then brought the two Teletype Model 33 Data Terminals upstairs where it was warner, and where I could train the kids on the equipment.  We went through the power up and login sequence, and the logoff power down steps.  I was thrilled everything was working, because kids have about a 15 sec time limit if something is not working, where they are then off and on to something else.

You can see in the paper holder on each machine is a copy of the 23 page manual (User Guide) that I wrote for them.

So I let them select their passwords, and started showing them some commands, going back and forth between them.

Watching these noisy, jiggley machines is like watching the flames of a fire.  It is mesmerizing.

The kids were having fun.  You can see Steven has his manual open, and is trying out some command.  I eventually told them we had to break for dinner.

They were in a great mood at dinner, and said we had to hurry back to the Teletypes.

Here they are laughing and hollering over the Doctor program, that I cobbled together using some CPAN modules that followed the original algorithm developed by Joseph Weizenbaum in the 1960's at MIT.  See  They even begged off their normally high priority mystery story reading, to run the Doctor program one more time, and asked if they could get up early the next morning to run another session.

The table was starting to fill up with printouts.  You don't see these much anymore these days :-)  In the office, co-workers make fun of me when I talk about paper.

Here is a close up of some of what they were doing.  Next I will need to move their individual machines to their rooms.

The next morning, Steven gets up 15 minutes early to use the Teletype before school.

A couple days later, Brian is here printing out homework information on Benito Mussolini from the Internet via the Teletype, while he does his math homework. He's timesharing.

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