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Restoration TTY 2

I'll not detail all the restoration aspects of machine #2, but will provide a few highlights.  This was a newer machine, and it had the clear plastic covers on the keyboard ends, and the rotating signal generating brushes. 

I bought this Teletype 6 years ago, from someone who said their father bought it, and used it just a little.  This appeared to be true, as it was a super clean machine . . .

The second Model 33 Data Terminal is stripped down, to work on the individual parts.  This is keyboard with the cover removed.  Lots of mechanics, and over 100 oiling points.  You don't want anything to fall on the keys, with the cover removed.


The kitchen sink comes in handy to clean removable parts with warm water, mild soap, and a cotton cloth.  I'm not allowed to use kitchen towels to dry the Teletype parts.  This is an edict, straight from the top.

This shows the protective clear plastic shield on the side of the keyboard.  This was on the newer Teletype 33 machines, to help prevent oil from getting on the wire contacts.

This is the keyboard, after cleaning.  They don't get much nicer than this.  The white lettering is a separate white plastic that goes down through the key, so the lettering will not wear off from use.

Okay a little break.  Unlike today, companies used to have beauty contests.  Here, a 19-year old from Addison, Illinois, was the winner of the 1965 Hi-Telepal contest, at the annual Teletype Hi-Telepal Ball.  She was one of 153 nominees, by the company's 6,000 employees.  One perk of winning, was to be the photo person on next years parking pass, for all auto's that parked in the company parking lot.

Giving Doris Day a run for her money.  Okay, back to the machines...

This second Teletype was a nice example, about 35 years old, and was a pleasure to go through.  Looks like the gears could use a little more grease.   A mechanical work of art.

This was the brochure cover for the Teletype Model 33 in 1963, over 50 years ago.

Next is a little more about a fascinating company that existed in a different world from today.

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