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System Testing

Now I'm going to take all the parts and try to get them to play nice, to do something productive, like print out the Drudge Report at 110 Baud.

I took the kids on a hike in the mountains near us, which we all enjoyed.  They reminded me that I was suppose to get the Teletypes working this weekend.

This shows how all the parts talk to each other, and the cabling to make it all work.

Next, I pulled this Teletype Model 33 out, which had been sitting for a year, after being restored, while I worked on the TTY-Link data communicator.  I spent time re-oiling key mechanisms, and hand turning the motor.  Then powering it up.  It worked without needing much attention.

Then, I hooked up the cabling, from the Teletype, to the Black-Box CL050A, then to the TTY-Link.  I ran everything locally, and had to adjust the TTY-Link software to create a proper delay after the CR (carriage return) and LF (line feed) characters.  These two characters take more time than one character to print, so if you don't add a delay, you loose characters.  The easy solution is to add a non-printing delete character after a carriage return.  Instead I calculated a time delay, based on how far the print head was from the 1st character position.  Then I tried it with my Linux system, connected to the Internet . . .

And it worked the 1st time.  Almost too hard to believe.

Here it is printing the news from the Drudge Report :-)

This was the first login I tried.  Could not believe it was all working!  The kids were telling me they wanted me to get everything working this weekend for them.  Looks like I'll be able to deliver.

Now I need to run RS232 DB-9 Straight Through cabling from the basement to the kids rooms.  And I don't want the cables visible everywhere.

So I ran them between the floors, and into closets.  This was hard work, and took many hours to accomplish.

Then I ran the cables under the carpet so they would come up next to the wall, and behind a stand or some piece of furniture.

Next my kids will need a System User Guide . . .

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