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Teletype Corporation

Teletype Corporation was founded in 1925 as a merger between the Morkrum and Kleinschmidt companies, then becoming Teletype Corporation in 1929.  It produced typing communication equipment up until 1980, when it was owned by Western Electric, and who proceeded to wind it down, for a variety of reasons.  In the 1960's and 1970's it had about 6,000 employees.

It was an employee and family centric company, making it a fun creative place to work.  Here are some of the things that Teletype did, for and by their employees . . .

Each year Teletype Corporation had a Family Day.  -- May 1968, Teletype News.

Teletype Corporation used to have an Employee Hobby Show each year too?  I'm not sure what Graphoanalysis is.  Another fellow collected shark teeth.  This is from about 1960.

Teletype celebrated Engineers Week each year.  Here about 500 Teletype engineers are at a dinner, at the end of the weeks activities.  -- Mar 1967, Teletype News

Teletype passed out cash awards to the best suggestions each month.  The $555 award here is about $3,800 in 2014 $'s.  -- Mar 1967, Teletype News

Teletype had so many employee clubs and activities, that it had a Board of Directors for just managing all the clubs throughout the year.  -- Feb 1967, Teletype News

Teletype had an evening school for employees.  One of the classes taught was art.  This is some of the students and their art work.  Teletype also had night classes in Knitting, Cartooning, Bridge, Electonics, Digital Logic, Russian, Screw Machine Theory, Dictation, etc.  -- Feb 1967, Teletype News

Yes, Teletype had an employee Choral Club too.   Jim Cameron (Planning Engineering) directed a two-hour show, broadcast to every room in a 500-bed general hospital.  Their next performance was at the Tool and Die Institute graduation ceremonies.  Each Wednesday, they practiced in the company Auditorium.  -- May 1967, Teletype News

And the company was famous for it's family summer picnic's.  -- Sep 1966, Teletype News

Okay, enough of this Teletype talk, let's figure out how to get the Teletype's talking to the Internet.

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