Teletype & Linux TL330 System     2012 - 2014    Pictures



Thank you to all the people that helped in little and big ways.

Baudi┼í, Petr Europe Linux system software expert.  Linux git developer.
Castorina, John California Teletype ribbons and spools.
Cembura, Paul California Teletypes parts, service, and extensive repair advice.
Hale, Devin Utah Instrumental help with the initial TTY-Link hardware design.
Han-Way Huang Minnesota Professor of Electronics and Computers at Minnesota State University, and author of "The Atmel AVR Microcontroller: MEGA and XMEGA in Assembly and C (with Student CD-ROM)"
Hancock, James Utah Good neighbor, reviewer.
Haynes, Jim Arkansas Former Teletype employee.  Copies of Teletype News.
Heras, Erik Utah Suggested I stop talking, and start getting this project launched and completed.  Provided super microphone stand, to hold work-light.
House, Don Illinois Pillar of Teletype knowledge, motivation, and Teletype community networking.
Montgomery, Roger California Paid for, picked up, and stored $50 parts machine (Teletype Model 33 ASR), for 4 months.
Perry, Nathan Utah Nathan has been a champ, encouraging me along the way, and providing new software and hardware ways to accomplish tasks.
Ripper, Steve Michigan Teletype repair advice, Teletype community networking.
Sharpe, Ed Arizona Archivist for Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation
Wayne East Extensive Teletype repair advice.
Whitney, Brian Utah Inspiring comments, true motivation, technical eye.
Whitney, Steven Utah Inspiring comments, true motivation, creative ways.
Whitney, Joy Connecticut Help with presentation at OpenWest 2014 conference.
Wiersdorf, Scott Utah Linux advice and motivation.

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